donderdag 21 juli 2016

Brexit means opportunities for Fiscal Representation

RM Boulanger UK is one of these companies that exist over more than 30 years and are specialized in Fiscal Representation. With the Brexit in the near future a lot of companies have to be aware that they are compliant. The expection is that the EU will control more and more companies doing cross border operations. For American companies it was normal to import to Europe via the United Kingdom. But when the UK is out of the EU what are the effects on importing and exporting goods to Europe. Most American companies are not gonna wait and see, so they look more and more for partners on the mainland.

When you do online business you have to be aware that you don't exceed the VAT treshold. In each member state of the EU there is a differents treshold. So keep in mind that you get serious penalties when you aren't VAT compliant.

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